What is Bokashi?
Bokashi was developed in Japan and literally means ‘fermented organic matter’.
A fermented wheat- bran mixture called Compost-Zing is used in a bucket system where food is literally pickled. The final product has a slight sweet/sour smell.

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Did you know that Bokashi juice reduces algal build-up in septic tanks.

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The Bokashi bucket system consists of a few simple elements. A two-bucket system with one nested on top of the other. The top bucket has a tight fitting lid and holes in its base to drain to the lower bucket. In addition there is a bag of Compost-Zing made from wheat-bran and untreated saw dust that has been mixed with molasses and water and Effective Micro-organisms. You can make your own system as long as it is air tight. Old Paint buckets Which have been cleaned out work. Drill holes in the base of the top bucket and sit inside the other one. A good seal is very important.

The benefits

  • The benefit of this system is that you can add products such as meat and fish, which are discouraged in the usual compost due to vermin & odours.
  • It produces a compost product within 2-4 weeks after being buried rather than 3 or more months in a compost pile.
  • No space is required as fermentation takes place in the bucket, which makes it ideal for small houses, apartments and schools.
  • Buckets can be kept indoors as the smell is inoffensive.
  • It keeps food waste out of the landfill and it is good for your plants adding beneficial vitamins to the soil.
BOKASHIFoods you can compost
All food waste which is well drained which includes:fresh fruit and vegetablesprepared foodscooked & uncooked meat and fishcheese and eggs, coffee grinds, tea bagswilted flowersDo not useliquids such as milk, orange juice and oilspaper and plastic wrap and meat bonesshells from seafood