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Welcome to the composting section, remember even a small effort by everyone can make a big difference.

Did you know that there are around 1 thousand million microscopic organisms in every teaspoon of compost?

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COMPOSTING - Common composting problems

Problem - Cause - Solution

Smelly, slimy heap

  • Not enough air - Turn heap
  • Too wet - Add brown material (eg. dry leaves)
  • Too much nitrogen - Add brown material

Materials are not decomposing

  • Heap too small - Increase size of heap
  • Not enough heat due to lack of green materials or water - Add green materials (eg, manure or blood and bone) and water
  • Materials in heap are too large - Break materials down into small pieces

Pests attracted to heap eg, flies, cockroaches, rats, mice

  • Wrong food added - Don’t use meat/bones/ fish. Bury food scraps in centre of heap
  • Bin not rodent proof - Rodent proof your bin

Fruit flies (vinegar flies)

  • Heap is too acidic - Sprinkle lime on heap


  • Heap is too dry - Add water and lime

Other “mini-beasts”, eg, beetles, worms

  • This is not a problem – creatures are essential to the composting process. Appreciate the work they do!