Kia Ora, Welcome to the Create your own Eden website, here you will find all you need to know on how to make great compost, improve your soil and produce fantastic fertilisers for your plants, veggies and garden all for free!!
The site covers three elements of Composting, these are:

Traditional composting using a heap or bin
Vermiculture or Worm Farming

At the bottom of each page you can download a step by step guide on home composting which will provide you with all the information needed to produce your own fresh nutritious compost.
You can also find out how to use your compost to produce your own “Smart Garden” and receive top tips from the experts.
Make the most of your garden and kitchen rubbish and Create your own Eden!
Now let’s get composting!

Composting is Nature’s way of recycling and helps to reduce the amount of waste we put out for the rubbish collection.