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Welcome to the composting section, remember even a small effort by everyone can make a big difference.

Did you know that there are around 1 thousand million microscopic organisms in every teaspoon of compost?

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SCHOOLS - Composting at School Guide

This guide provides practical information on how to set up a composting system at your school. Learn why we should compost and who to involve in your school system. Explore the differences between types of systems and how to choose the right system for your school.

The resource includes specific sections on how to set up and maintain traditional composting, worm farming and bokashi systems. It also provides health and safety tips along with common problems and solutions for different systems .

Discover the keys to success of a school compost system. Take a look at successful composting systems that other primary and secondary schools and a kindergarten operate in both rural and urban situations.

Your local Council or Environment Center may also be able to provide further resources, such as:

  • waste data about your local area,
  • collection services available,
  • field trip opportunities, and/or
  • local community gardens and composting demonstration sites.

Some Councils also provide assistance with funding school compost systems and support to set up these systems; and some offer composting workshops for residents.
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