Smart gardening uses techniques that are beneficial to the environment and will also save you time and money.

  • Making and using compost in your garden
  • Planting native plants or ground cover
  • Using mulches and drought tolerant plant species
  • Replacing lawn with low ground cover or grass-cycling
  • Reusing rainwater and landscaping materials in the garden
  • Avoiding the use of harmful pest and weed control materials
  • Green purchasing for gardening requirements

This booklet will give you ideas for creating a beautiful, native garden that is easy to maintain for any size or type of section.

You can also use some of the techniques outlined here on your vegetable garden, fruit trees, exotic and ornamental gardens.

Garden bag and bin collections

There are many garden bag and bin collection services available to Auckland residents. Many accept invasive weeds as well as ordinary garden waste.

Check in the Yellow Pages under “Garden Bags and Bins” to find services in your area.