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Welcome to the worm farming section. Worm farming is fun, entertaining and informative.
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WORM FARMING - Harvesting your worm casts
  • After a few months or when a layer is full, you should harvest the casts.
  • Remove the top layer and take off the bottom layer. This bottom layer contains the casts. It is ready when few worms can be seen.
  • Remove worm tea from the bottom level. (When using, dilute to the colour of weak tea, usually about 1:10)
  • When one working layer is full, you can add another layer to your worm farm.
  • Place new layer on top of the old one and then add bedding (paper/ straw/ manure) and then add more food scraps.
  • Add food only to the new layer. The worms will migrate slowly to the food layer.
  • If you have large layers in your bin and you want to harvest casts earlier, you could add a layer of chicken wire instead of a new plastic layer.