With summers around the corner, people are gearing up for pool parties, lounging and soaking up the sun by the poolside, and for laps swimming workouts with friends. And with the pool being the main venue, it requires regular essential maintenance. And if you feel it is a cumbersome job, imagine having a party with greenish murky water, algae, slime, and broken filters of the pool? Of course not.  So, for sparkly, pristine waters, your pool requires regular upkeep. And we are here with 3 pool cleaning tips that you must try but before that have some understanding of the basic parts of your swimming pool so you know how the cleaning would work.

Your swimming pool has pool water, a liner or the interior wall, a filter system, and a system of returns and skimmers.

Cleaning The Pool Water & Pool Floor

When pool cleaning is not part of your routine, the pool water is contaminated with debris and pollutants which may require you to have expensive hardware repairs in time that could be the result of corrosion due to the build-up of inorganic material in the pool water. To save yourself from the hassle, buy a leaf skimmer net and attach it to the telescopic pole. It will remove the debris from the pool water. With the pool brush, you can clean the steps, ladders, and sides of the pool. For the pool floor, use automatic or manual vacuums.

Cleaning The Liner Of The Pool

The interior wall of the pool is in continuous touch with the pool water and everything it has in it. And like anything that is in close contact with water, the liner develops mold, debris, algae, and fungus from the debris in the pool water. To clean the liner, use a stiff brush if it has concrete walls, a soft one on the fiberglass or vinyl pool liners. Use a pool vacuum hose to vacuum away the debris attached to the walls. In the end, scrub the walls with chlorine liquid cleaner and a brush. Scrubbing would clean all the slime and scum from the sidewalls.

Cleaning The Filter And Skimmer & Return System

To clean the pool filter system, you must know which filter you are dealing with. There are three common types, sand, cartridge, and D.E filters. To clean a sand pool filter, start with backwashing and then slowly put the filter in the skimmer. Continue it for 5 minutes, and turn on the pump. For a cartridge filter, use a spray nozzle on pleats or dip it in filter cleaner.  Backwash the D.E filter and remove the air. Shower it with a garden hose. Clean the grids and use a lubricant for its O-ring. Next comes the skimmer system. All you have to do is to uncover the skimmer lid, pull out the basket and discard the scrap. Replace the skimmer cover and it’s good as new. If it is more spoiled than this, clean it with a multi-purpose spray.

If you have deemed your pool maintenance as an add-on for a long period of time, there is a possibility that it may have developed serious problems. In that case, it’s better to take help from the manufacturer’s manual or hire expert pool cleaning services Sydney. This would undoubtedly cost you money and time but if you keep a pool cleaning and maintenance routine, you will save your precious time and hundreds of extra dollars.