1. We welcome beneficial insects
    Some insects, such as ladybugs , hoverflies and bees , feed on aphids, parasites that destroy crops. An excellent natural method to keep harmful aphid colonies away is to plant, for example, yellow flowers such as daisies and sunflowers, many loved by ladybugs, or sage , dandelion and marigold also loved by other beneficial insects, and create places where they can find shelter and lay their eggs. It’s about doing a biological battle ! These insects will become our allies against pest invasion!
  2. Welcome, little birds!
    As mentioned for some beneficial insects, birds likewise eat snails , worms , caterpillars, and other plant-destroying pests. Inserting some nests or real birdhouses on the branches of our trees or on structures built ad hoc, is another absolutely biological and, at the same time functional, method to discourage colonies of parasites.
  3. Plant “in pairs”!
    Allocating an area of ​​the garden to an extensive cultivation of one or two species of in order to create a dense area, can be useful to keep pest colonies away. For example, calendula is believed to be one of the most suitable species for this purpose, which has the ability to keep parasites , but also fungi and bacteria away from neighboring crops.